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Family and Couples Therapy

Relationships are the source of some of the most difficult experiences in life, and how to navigate through the background and the process is available in Gestalt therapy. To stay in a partnership or families through highs and lows takes courage and commitment, and on the other hand, the decision to separate can take courage.
Gestalt lends itself well to working with couples and families. Families or couples are normally seen together. The process of relationship and dialogue is at the centre of the experience, but experiments could well be a part of the session. As the therapist I do not take sides or offer solutions, and people are not seen as problems, all relationships a co-created.

The process and method of how communication takes place would be looked at, ie the words, the body language and the intention behind the language. This would be very much centred in the present moment; feelings and experiences highlighted. Contact is the essence in any relationship. How is contact made and what are the blocks to contact are questions asked. Past histories can be taken into account as can different aspects of how we arrive at this place in our lives and influences from other external directions field theory. Experiments can be incorporated where new ways of being together are experienced. I would engage in feedback, observations and suggestions for experiments. Increased awareness of how we are, how we feel and what is happening in the relationship is the aim in all aspects of Gestalt Therapy.
From the new awareness, new possibilities are opened. The individuals could then decide upon new and creative ways of moving forward whether together or apart.
Please view section ‘About Gestalt’ for more details regarding Gestalt therapy, and the theory behind it.
  Fees … £60 per 50 minute session

How I work


Dialogue and listening are not the sole medium of exchange, but it is important in every session. During the process of a session, awareness exercises, such as guided meditations, imagery and embodied movement could enable emotions and feelings in the body to be fully sensed. The unfolding and deeper understanding of these emotions could subsequently result in their release.


Gestalt techniques can be integrated into the process of making sense of past and present feelings and situations. The unfolding of the narrative by addressing feelings and experiences in depth can reveal needs, hungers, anxieties and ultimately strengths and solutions. New insights, emotions and importantly methods of self support can be discovered.


Importantly in how we live our lives is how we relate to others and our environment. With this in mind the therapeutic relationship will be viewed, experienced and addressed from the standpoint of safe honest reflection. This can enable a deeper understanding to arise as to how we openly relate or use blockages when in contact with another individual and our environment. 

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